Mindful Monday: Realign Your Being With What Rings True

383962316_640” The constant challenge is to lift our eyes from our treasured knowledge and realign our being with what rings true. Not once or twice but endlessly.” – Mark Nepo ” Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

We let should, have to, need to-dos take charge of our life and forget to pay attention  and don’t give ourselves permission to follow our soul.

It’s hard work to shut down the noise, opinions, advice, TV, phones to focus, but it’s necessary.

So we can practice to listen and say endlessly yes to what rings true with our being.


Had a great weekend with kids, hub, books, playground and run. And lots and lots of chocolate chip cookies. :D

Have a great Monday out there!

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3 Easy Reminders to Color Outside The Lines When You Feel Stuck

Favim_com-27830Yesterday, I found myself trying to sort and plan some future related questions. It felt as if, I wasted my own time. I was not getting anywhere and was just pushing things forward, even though the timing was clearly not right, yet. Needless to say, it felt frustrated to let go and just allow myself to go with the flow.

We all have days like that. When we do same things that don’t work, over and over again. We feel stuck or bored, maybe both.

Days that feel like we’re putting together a puzzle, but can’t quite find the right piece to get the picture together. We keep trying, but nothing really works.

On day like that, there is nothing better than to just take a break from ourselves and our daily routines. Sometimes it just feels great to do something unusual, get out of our daily routines.

So I put my phone off, silenced my busy mind and headed to swim and some sauna close by.

1. Mix it up. I have a pretty fixed routine of always swimming, getting my work out first and then hitting the sauna. This time I decided to mix it up and try something new. I laid in this mild sauna aroma sauna for about half an hour and kind of fell a sleep. I could just feel how my mind shut down and I felt very  relaxed, deep down to my cells. There was no worry or problem that I remembered. All of a sudden, solutions started coming up, things I never considered before. Ideas started spreading and I was just witnessing things solving themselves without any attempt.

2. Don’t sweat over the small stuff. I always take fruits to my kids when I pick them up from day care, but not this time, I decided to not take my responsibility as a mother, so damn seriously all the time. It can be draining, when we try to be perfect or achieve some idea we have in our mind. Give yourself a break from what you’re supposed to do, what is right and just go with the feeling and the moment. This is more of a reminder to myself. What counts is that we do everyday. But what spices up life, are those small moments in our life when we don’t do things we have to but feel like doing. Oh, and nothing can beat the smile on my kids face when they see that I have chocolate scones for them. Or when I hide a potato chip or two in their sandwiches and they take a bite ands hear a crunch. Smiles guaranteed every time. :)

3. Allow your personality to shine everywhere you go. When I run, I always spice it up. You know what I do?  In the middle of my exercise I always run some zig zags, just for fun of it. I also do it when I ride my bike. It’s so silly, but reminds me to have fun and makes me smile. I always giggle when I do it. So now, I always end my runs with zig zags, it has become my signature thing to do when I run, to remind myself to not take life so seriously.

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                                                                 What do you do to spice up your life?

Mindful Monday: Follow Your Bliss

1000-islands-kids_22392_600x450“If you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”  
―    Joseph Campbell

This morning I stopped my work out, because I could just feel I wasn’t enjoying it the way I usually do. Turns out, I was too focused on hitting my goal for this week (damn these tracing & running gadgets, they suck joy out of my runs) that I forgot to enjoy my run, as I usually do. Usually, I run and I smile, in snow, wind or rain. But I wasn’t smiling today.  It just didn’t feel right, so I just stopped.

Walked back home, enjoyed the sun on my face, fresh air and turned off the voice of the annoying gal with the goals and fab gadgets.

The truth is, anytime I find myself stuck, not laughing and struggling, I know I have lost touch with my bliss. It feels like swimming against the stream of life.

As soon as I let go and just follow what makes me feel happy,  life becomes enjoyable, effortless and incredibly light. It feels forbidden and even selfish to follow the bliss, but not doing so, I might cause harm.

So I try to take a deep breath, put aside my wants, pay attention what makes my heart happy and let the flow of life carry me wherever it wants me to.

Here is the thing, I run out of joy. Basta. I’ll keep my gadget off…it can’t measure the joy anyway. So what’s the point?! :)

Hold on to your bliss and enjoy your Monday!

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Mini Guide: Why The Option Of Failure Must Be On The Table & How to Overcome It In 4 Easy Steps

Fear-of-success“A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. “ – William G.T. Shedd

Lately, I’ve been observing feelings of fear of failure in myself and others to learn more about it and how to overcome it. It’s been something I have struggled with a lot on a daily basis and still am. It’s the areas of life we care the most about, that the fear of failure sabotages us the most. Everything from parenting, relationships, career, habits and new lifestyle choices.

What I’ve learned from all these situations, is that there are many people, myself included, who settle for less happier life, because of fear to make a mistake and fear to fail. Sometimes, it can paralyze us to the extend that we stop listening to our heart and choose the safe road, just to avoid any failure.

So many of us let go of our life calling, don’t voice our opinions, don’t start businesses, don’t exercise, eat healthier or do what we truly love. All because deep down in our heart someone or something has convinced us, that it’s better to not try at all than to fail.

If we take second to think about it, then we can see how silly it is, but it can be a challenge to remind ourselves about it in our daily life.

The option of failure prevents us from living fully here and now.  It paralyzes our mind, freezes our heart and shuts down the glow of our spirit. New doors don’t open to us, because we’re afraid to discover what’s behind them, so we stay with what we feel is safe and known.

I don’t have enough fingers to count how many times I’ve let fear of failure to control me. Last time it happened, was when I observed myself swishing to sign up for a 10 K race. I know you’re thinking, what’s the big deal here?! But it was quite real to me at the time and I can imagine we all have these seemingly small stuff prevent us from growing.

As soon as I realised I wanted to actually run it, millions of excuses showed up. Everything from looking ridiculous to seriously worrying that I fail to even run 5 K. Instantly my mind started playing horror scenarios in my mind, why I really shouldn’t do it. I even bought into my own scary thoughts for a couple of months. Then, I took a deep breath, my hands were even shaking and just decided to sign up for the 10 K.

I have to admit, it felt so good to take the very first step to believe in myself more than I believed in the fear of failure that my mind was feeding me with, which at that time was very real, because I could only run 1 K. 

I realized later, it only took that short moment of courage to make the difference in my life. So maybe it’s ok, if we’re brave for short moments at the time.

If I look at some of the best things I’ve done in life, they all have one thing in common, I had to over win fear of failure for a short second, lay the option of failing openly on the table and pour my heart and soul into my commitment.

Even though I’ve taken some steps to overcome it in some areas of my life, I still face it everyday. It’s a process not an end destination, so go easy on yourself and give yourself some high fives once in a while and don’t forget to enjoy the process and remember you’re not alone.

Here are some the few steps, that have helped me in my process.

1. Awareness. Notice the fear of failure and just watch it for some time. Get to know it. Don’t ignore it, just allow it to be. Then when ever you feel comfortable, bring out all the courage you have and go for what you want, despite the fear. It’s like giving a speech, you’re nervous before it and the first few moments into it, but then courage takes over and it feels great. 

2. Motivation. Check the vibe of your motivation for that commitment or goal. Is it driven by joy or achievement? I for example never succeeded with running before, because my motivation had always just been to lose some little weight. When I started running to feel good and joy came in, it totally changed the energy about this commitment that I wanted in my life.

3. Take baby steps. This is truly the key to starting anything. Take one small step at the time. Then repeat. Do it again. I’ve always been the planner type, goal setter, but now I believe that huge goals early on can simply kill the joy. When I started running my goal (and success rate) was simple, to put on my running shoes and step outside.  That’s all. It made possibility to fail close to non existing. I didn’t vision to run 10 K, but I do now. I know now I can do it, but if I hadn’t taken the baby step, I wouldn’t have arrived at where I am now. :D

4. Consistency & persistence. It’s quite simple. Fears don’t get to control you, if you do something about the commitment of your choice every single day. Even the smallest steps count, as long as you just do it and keep doing it. One step at the time.

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Mindful Monday: Breathe

5258502_f496Monday is a perfect day of a week, to intentionally start a week with some a deep breaths to slow down the mornings.

I  typically start my day with some green tea and short 2-5 meditation. Lately, I’ve tried to breathe with all my attention during the day. It reminds me to stay in the moment and helps to release stress.

And I try to remember that no matter what we wish to achieve this week…

“In the end just three things matter:

How well we have lived,

How well we have loved

How well we have learned to let go. ” – Jack Kornfield

It’s great to be back in blogosphere. I needed some time off from writing to recharge my batteries and to just be silent. It felt refreshing, but I missed talking to you. So, what I’ve been up to? I’ve been running a lot, my 10 K is coming up in June, been reading, going to yoga and doing nothing really.

Make it a great week out there!  :)

How are you ? And talking about morning habits and routines, what’s yours?

Mindful Monday

Child pretending to be a superhero







“By listening to silence, we can be nourished by everything that is larger than us. It is giving our complete attention to the silence that holds our self that awakens us to both the soul’s calling and the call of the soul. While the soul’s calling is the work we are born to do, the call of the soul is the irrepressible yearning to experience aliveness. The center of our aliveness doesn’t care what we achieve or accomplish, only that we stay close to the pulse of what it means to be alive. In doing this, we stay close to the energy of all life. ” - Mark Nepo

Unsuck Your Life Part 2 – 5 Steps to Getting Unstuck


One of the best blog posts I’ve ever read about how to change life……Unsuck Your Life Part 2 – 5 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Originally posted on Mind Fit Move:

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Unsuck Your Life Part 2 – 5 Steps to Getting Unstuck

When We Last Saw Our Hero

For almost 10 years, I was stuck in an endless cycle of doubt and self-loathing. It all started in college when I began to rely on pot and social rebellion as a way to deal with the stress in my life.

This time in my life was filled with a lot of regret and frustration, but it also taught me a lot, about how people become stuck in life and how to get unstuck.

The False Factors

Soon after my 27th birthday, I realized that I needed change my life. The only problem was I didn’t know how to do it. So first, I tried to alter every external variable I could think of.

I changed jobs (roadie to venue manager), I changed my relationship status (to single), I changed my pet ownership…

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