Mindful Monday: Breathe


Some days just start off all wrong.

You know…. can’t find the other shoe, burn the breakfast and leave home without phone. The seemingly small stuff get us.

On such days we tend to react.  And it’s so difficult not to.

But, the good news is that a simple breath or five can make a huge difference for the rest of the day.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Done.

I promise it helps.  Off to clean the breakfast mess and find the other shoe. :)

Mindful Monday: What Running In The Rain Has Taught Me


Today, it’s raining in Copenhagen. So cozy! :)

Lately, one of my most favorite things to do is to run outdoors when it rains. It’s kinda weird. I know. I even have a gym membership, so I could run indoors, but I don’t enjoy it as much as outside.

Running in rain is tough, but also much more fun than running indoors.

I enjoy the rain on my face and the empty streets.

These runs train character and my acceptance muscle….you know?!

Makes you feel like the Rocky for a moment. :D

Side effect of my training is that rainy days of life seem less challenging.

Tell me….

Do you like walking or running in rain?

Mindful Monday: 5 Simple Steps to Feel Happy


Mindful Monday: How to Accomplish Anything


Today is a short sentence kinda day. Because I submitted my thesis (72 pages) yesterday, around 2.30 am, so I’m recovering and chillaxing today. But YES! I’m finally done. My slogan while writing ….

One small step at the time….repeated everyday and mindfully accepting unproductive days as part of the writing process.

Tell me…

How are you? :D


Breathing Space: 4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Super Busy


Sursa-foto-2I really wanted to write an inspiring post today. But I have to be honest with you.

I’ve been too tired to be creative, so I just decided to just write about my experience right now. Because, I really wanted to talk to you.

Good news…. only, 4 days to go until I submit my thesis. Yay! Not that I’m counting. :) me tell you…. I’m super excited to be done, but as you can imagine I’m also very tired. Turns out my big project to finally graduate has been much tougher, than I expected. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve felt like quitting.

It’s been a difficult balance to keep up with my healthy lifestyle and this huge project…..and meet the needs of my family.

I can tell you this….it’s been quite a journey.

But here is the thing….

Sometimes, we get to run our business or work projects,that turn our entire life upside down and mess with our normal routines of life, to test what we’re really made of.

This is what I learned.

  • Give yourself some love. You can’t give, what you don’t have. You need to shut down that laptop and phone to give yourself time to reboot. Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of a big work  project we forget to nurture ourselves. Our brain can tops focus 90 min at the time, so I work and then I take break. I keep this process going until 4 p.m.
  • Just do it! It’s during the super busy times that we need our healthy habits the most. I hit the gym, did yoga, ran and ate healthy. And I meditated too.These habits have saved me from feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Have fun! Don’t forget to have fun. Yes, even when you’re busy. Life is not a race or a destination. We should enjoy the process of working as much as the end result, if not even more. I don’t normally watch too much TV, but during this time I’ve enjoyed Netflix a lot. Series like Modern Family and Necessary Roughness just do the trick.
  • Sleep. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Sleep is vital. When we feel stressed or overwhelmed our body needs to recover.

Tell me in comments……

Your favorite TV show?

How do you keep sane  during busy times and projects?



Mindful Monday: Follow Happiness


Breathing Space: 5 Ways to Boost Your Energy (And Reduce Stress)

Finding Your Ways of Releasing Stress towards Happiness
“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” -Lao Tzu

Sometimes we take too much on our plate (metaphorically speaking) and lose our energy in too many activities.

There might be deadlines, birthdays, cleaning, cooking, meetings, phone calls to make and problems to solve.  When we’re so busy, we feel that all we do is to put off fire.

So we need some pick me up action to relieve our stress and gain some energy. ASAP.

I should know better, but apparently I’m still learning. I just had one of those weeks, 2 birthdays with all that comes with that and 1 major deadline. To be honest my stress levels have been high, to get it all done. But we all have times like that.

So I had to pull the breaks for a second to regain some balance. This is what works every time.  

  1. Shut the door to take a break.  When we’re busy we think we can’t afford a break, but that’s when we need it the most. So take a break, right in the middle of it all and breathe. I needed a break from all the birthday preparations. I took a break.
  2. Meditate. You know that this one was coming. Right? I’ve found that those days when I meditate just 5 min or even less, I’m more likely to make better choices and can focus to prioritize urgent matters and challenges. I used to think that I need to take 30 min to meditate (which is not true). You can just do 2 min and benefit from it all day long.
  3. Stretch like a cat. I’ve been experimenting with different kind of exercises, like swimming, running, gym and yoga for over 1 year now. I’ve come to conclusion, that yoga is the best exercise when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. It’s because yoga helps to regain balance, calm the mind and mild stretching gives good energy flow. It reduces stress hormones in our body. Don’t get me wrong, I love running, gym and swimming, but when I feel stressed out…..last thing my body needs is to increase speed. Yoga just works when we feel overwhelmed and need to regain some energy. I usually run and go to gym when I have lots of energy. Oh yeah, and swimming is good too….especially followed by sauna…but it just takes more time than yoga.
  4. Adjust focus. So this one is major learning point for me. Stress happens, when we focus on some future event, rather than process. For instance, we start thinking about the time and work left until our deadline, rather than focusing on doing one task at the time to actually accomplish the project. It’s a matter of focus. If we allow our mind to mess with us, we end up feeling overwhelmed or stressed, which reduces our energy to do the work. So when I find myself worrying, over thinking or can’t get started, I know that I’m stuck in the future, in the result I want to produce. It’s the joy of each step, that makes the journey worth pursuing .
  5. Cut down on coffee. Not everyone is affected by coffee, but many people are. If you find yourself drinking countless cups of coffee in a day to just keep up with what you have to do, then consider drinking less coffee. Some people are highly caffeine sensitive, like myself, I used to drink 4-5 large cups of coffee a day (check out how I quit). What it does to our body is to elevate our cortisol levels (stress hormone). That’s a BIG no go, when we want to reduce stress. I now drink green tea.

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