42 Affirmations for Weight Loss

If you’re convinced that affirmations for weight loss could be the missing link to your weight efforts, you’re right.

Weight management is not only about diets, supplement or workouts.

In fact, your mental condition and discipline could make or mar your efforts. Your subconscious mind should be ready and prepared to respond appropriately to your chosen weight loss program.

Great motivational affirmations will keep your nerves at peace and program your mind for success. In effect, it helps avoid negativity and all forms of inner resistance.

Do you sometimes get that little voice whispering into your ears about your weaknesses? I bet you do! This is where affirmations for weight loss come to the rescue.

Below are well crafted list of affirmations to inspire your weight loss effort for success.
(Note: Below, you’ll also find some good tips for making the best of these affirmations.)

1. I am at peace with my body
2. My weight is getting better each day
3. I believe in my ability to reduce weight
4. I am careful with my eating habit
5. I can control my weight today
6. Nothing will stop me from achieving my weight loss goals
7. I find pleasure in exercise
8. My health is improving generally
9. I avoid unhealthy foods
10. I stick to my weight loss goals
11. I see people admiring my body
12. My weight loss progress inspires others
13. I am calm and patient for success
14. I feel good in my clothes now
15. I have the best weight loss program that truly works
16. I don’t sacrifice my health for anything
17. I lose weight naturally
18. I control my lifestyle for better health
19. My weight loss is my priority and I take it seriously
20. I am happy with my progress
21. I have the ability to reduce my weight in a short time
22. I make the best choices when it comes to my weight
23. I hold no self guilt about my body
24. I see a great future for my health
25. I avoid behaviors that negatively impact my weight
26. I am getting the body I love
27. I wake up every day with joy because I see improvement in my weight loss effort
28. I don’t get discouraged by any obstructions
29. I am solely responsible for my health
30. I am getting an attractive body shape
31. I am motivated to keep my weight down
32. I am having fun losing weight everyday
33. I dedicate my time and energy losing weight
34. Everyday affords me an opportunity to lose weight
35. I reduce weight after each workout
36. I am burning fat from my body progressively
37. I like the speed at which I reduce weight
38. I am fit and happy
39. I take a walk every day to manage my weight
40. My weight loss progress inspires me to do more
41. I take enough water to complement my weight loss program
42. I feel confident with my weight

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Before we conclude…

Let’s see the right ways to get the best out of this practice. As you’d agree, knowing the best way to do something sets you on the path to success.

And affirmations for weight loss are no exception.

So let’s check out the following tips:


Affirmations are better said in the morning

Practicing these motivational affirmations first thing in the morning has many benefits.

First, it’ll help avoid all forms of obstructions such as telephone calls and the like. Of course, you should be ready to curb such issues when they start getting in your way.

Also doing this in the morning fills your mind with positivity and offers you the energy you need to start your weight loss program for the needed impact.


Stay patient and expectant

People who’re new to affirmations tend to expect immediate results. It does not work like that.
You need to believe in the universe to grant your request while sticking to the exercise.


Choose your affirmations wisely

No matter the list of affirmations at your disposal, you’ll always realize that some strike a chord than others. Select those that are most inspiring and relevant to you and stick to them.

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You’re armed with the perfect list of affirmations for weight loss. It’ll help kick in some renewed energy. Motivational affirmations are meant to tune your mind the right way to see success even beyond weight loss efforts.


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  1. This is what i’ve been looking for. I’ve heard some really good things about affirmations and I think it’s time to try it now. I hope i’ll be able to stick to it for good things to manifest in my life. My cousin Joel has said many good things about it in our recent converstation.

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