43 Affirmations for Health

Did you know that affirmations for health could be all that is needed to bring back the good health that you yearn for?

Your mental state and thought process certainly has so much to do with your health and healing process.

And this is where affirmations come into the picture.

You’d agree that a lot of people approach sickness with anxiety, trepidation and outright fear. And none of these is known to improve the situation. They only escalate it.

So, you need what can put you in the right frame of mind to facilitate healing process and a general sense of well-being.

If you’re hearing affirmations for the very first time, well, don’t fret.

They’re a bunch of well thought out words of encouragement.

They are usually short statements and easy to use even on the bus. They’re powerful for firing up positivity in our mind.

By applying positive affirmations for health, you’ll pretty much achieve anything you need.

Below are some great affirmations to give a shot.

Feel free to repeat them consistently on daily basis and observe the wonders it’ll do to your health.

Let’s get going…

1. I’m healthy
2. My health is my wealth
3. I am strong, hale and hearty
4. Even in the midst of global health challenges, I remain strong and healthy
5. I care so much about my health

6. My health is getting better every day
7. I avoid things that negatively affect my health
8. I am happy with my health
9. My health goals are working according to plan
10. I undertake regular exercise to improve my health

11. I take in healthy diets only
12. I wake up every day feeling healthy
13. I take enough water to keep me healthy always
14. I’m always positive about my health
15. I don’t harbor pain in my heart

16. I occupy my mind with positive thoughts about my health
17. I explore things that are of immense help to my health
18. I have total control of my physiological and metal health
19. I overcome any health challenge
20. I take my health seriously

21. My health is an inspiration to others
22. I have good attitude to a progressive health
23. I free my mind for the universe to take charge of my health
24. I have a great body
25. I take the best decisions for my health

26. I never sacrifice my health for any other thing
27. I rise above any health problem
28. I never succumb to any illness
29. I surround myself with people who can positively impact my health
30. My body is able to fight back any disease

31. I am optimistic about what I can achieve with my health
32. I abide by my health and wellness plan
33. I follow the best health program
34. I spend my money on the best supplements
35. I take good care of myself

36. With good health, I can achieve so much in life
37. I am at peace with myself
38. I am happy and grateful to the universe for who I am
39. I never despair in the face of any illness
40. I don’t take my health for granted

41. I have unstoppable energy to achieve my heart desires
42. I am confident that my health will not fail me
43. I am full of life

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You just found some of the best affirmations for health to apply today.

You’re reminded to stick to repeating them at your convenient place and time.

For me, I find it quite helpful practicing it in the mornings before anything else.

Whether you’re currently dealing with any health issue or need protection from the universe let these positive affirmations for health do the work for you.

The temptation to be impatient for results may come up if you’re now beginning. But, remain calm and resolute. You’ll surely feel the power in no time.

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