45 Positive Affirmations for Self Love

Affirmations for self love are so powerful for boosting your morale, instill confidence and overcome the hassles of life.

Yet, many forget to exploit these motivational affirmations.

There’re many challenges of life that medications, diet, or money aren’t just enough to deal with.

For instance, deformities, either by birth or accident on any part of the body have the tendency to create damning consequences for sufferer.

Other examples include academic failures, job or relationship related problems.

Mostly, society tends to only see the physical changes.


The individual goes through a hell of psychological difficulties on daily basis. He or she may even get apprehensive about society sometimes. In fact, they tend to see things through negative lenses.

And the net effect?

Well, as you’d imagine, they feel unloved, demoralized or coil back from the general society. If not managed well, severe consequences such as depression can even set in.

Thankfully, you wouldn’t necessarily need any sophisticated program or training regime to change the narrative.

Affirmations for self love which involve highly inspiring words can be used to change our thought and belief system. You can rely on them to achieve just what you want in life.

Before we check out the motivational affirmations for today, let’s look at….

…how to use affirmations effectively

  • First, identify the best time to practice them. Generally, morning and or evening works better
  • Remember to mention the words loudly to help vibrate into your subconscious mind
  • For easy accessibility, you could keep them on sticky notes, margins of your book or simply paste them on your wall. There’s no one-size-fits-all situation. It’s all about finding the most convenient means
  • Be ready to call out your favorite affirmation in times of difficulty
  • Practice them repeatedly every day, believe in them with a touch of patience to see!

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It’s time to dive in right away…

1. I am complete 
2. I have the power to conquer
3. I don’t let challenges demoralize me
4. I am burning with self-confidence
5. I see love all around me

6. I am bold and awesomely beautiful
7. I believe in my abilities
8. My heart is full of joy and happiness
9. I was born to survive
10. Challenges of life strengthen me

11. I take life easy
12. I rise above reproach
13. I see growth and development everyday
14. My life is an inspiration to others
15. I am grateful to the universe for my accomplishments

16. I attract love, favor and compassion
17. Something inside of me is just so strong
18. I do the best I can for my personal development
19. I have big and achievable dreams
20. I am honest with my abilities

21. I am content with what I have
22. I approach every venture with all my strength
23. I have an undying heart for success
24. I am optimistic about tomorrow
25. I love everything about myself

26. I am capable of achieving my life goals
27. I never give up on anything
28. I am full of enviable energy
29. I look up to the universe for my progress
30. I see challenges as part of life

31. I treasure the life I have
32. I have love for all; hatred for none
33. I am blessed with abundant wisdom
34. I am full of life
35. I love who I am

36. I care about the welfare of others
37. My passion leads me to success
38. My body keeps glowing on each passing day
39. I am loved, cherished and cared for
40. I put the challenges of yesterday behind me

41. I have enormous potentials
42. I feel youthful and energized everyday
43. I get even tougher when the situation becomes difficult
44. I see opportunities everywhere I go
45. I take good care of myself

That’s it folks.

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With these powerful affirmations for self love, you just unlocked the golden nuggets to bring back life and energy into your life.

As a reminder, apply the best practices of these motivational affirmations as described above and you’ll be just fine. By bringing back the energy and self love, you’ll soon see good things manifest in your life. Just believe in its power.

All the very best!


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  1. I love affirmations. They work if you truly stick with them over a period.

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