Best Sleep Positions for Pregnancy

You’re a mom-to-be and looking for the best sleep positions for pregnancy, right? Congrats, first off!

We’ll soon explore the best tips for the comfort and health of you and the unborn baby in this post.

Sleep positions among women are largely dependent on the individual in question.

However, the story is different during pregnancy.

The change in sleeping position comes about as a result of the many physiological changes that occur during pregnancy. This can range from mild to severe among different pregnant women.

Common among them include the following:

  • Mild to severe nausea
  • Back pain
  • Insomnia
  • Shortness of breath
  • Frequent urination
  • Swelling of the feet, hands

Regardless of the comfort of your mattress, your sleeping posture could deny you of the comfort you badly need. Also, note that your sleeping comfort could even pose unintended health risks for you and the fetus.

To forestall this, let’s get into the best sleep positions for pregnancy that you can apply tonight.


Sleeping on your side – for easy blood flow

Sleep on side, aka “SOS” is by far the most effective way to sleep during pregnancy.
By sleeping this way, it positions the body for easy blood flow as well as preventing unnecessary pressure on the liver.

To do this, keep a pillow in-between your legs while bending them a bit forward.

Another good thing with this is the reduction in unwanted fluids and other waste substances from the body. The kidney works better when these things are eliminated.

If you consider this to be the best sleep position, always remember that sleeping on the left side is a much preferred option.


Lying on a foam wedge – for severe nausea

If you’re suffering from severe nausea, you might want to lie on a form wedge. This helps to elevate your head for the purpose of lessening issues associated with reflux.

Much the same way, you could elevate the feet to reduce the chances of swollen feet and water retention altogether.


Re-look at your pillow – for pressure relief

Pillows are very important in enhancing our sleep comfort. For that reason, you may want to experiment with your pillow to see if you can discover a position that best suits your personality and condition.

Additionally, pregnancy pillows are worth considering.

Don’t forget that they are designed specifically for pregnancy situations. They factor in your comfort by relieving you of the pressure that comes with pregnancy.


Propping up pillows – for heartburn

If heartburn sets in, don’t worry.

You only need a few more pillows to prop up the upper part of your body. This will significantly bring down the burning effects for your comfort.


Do this before the third trimester

Methods such as sleeping on the side is generally great and considered the best sleep position for many. But, it’s very much so during the third trimester when the baby is larger and your organs pushing up in response.

However, prior to this period when the baby is mostly small, you’ll need to figure out a position that’s most suitable to you. You want to avoid sleeping flat on your back or on your stomach even when you’re just a few months into the pregnancy.

Want more? Check out the Baby Sleep Miracle for more techniques and tricks to sleep even better.

Things to avoid during pregnancy

To make our search for the best sleep positions for pregnancy worthwhile, let’s look at a few things to avoid during this period:

  • Avoid sleeping on your belly
  • Avoid crossing your legs while sitting to avoid unhealthy circulation and swelling of the ankles
  • Avoid standing for longer periods of time
  • Avoid sitting in one position for hours and don’t sit with the legs hanging – to avoid swelling of the feet; consider resting your legs on a table
  • Avoid sleeping on a hard surface

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Pregnancy is a special experience in the life of every woman. Beyond the pampering from family and friends comes the unusual bodily changes that you’ve got to endure personally.

As noted, improper sleeping position can have adverse effect on you and your innocent baby. And must be taken care of with the seriousness it deserves.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered some of the best sleep positions for pregnancy in this post. Good luck and stay safe!

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