Dreams About Drowning Meaning

So you’ve been having dreams about drowning and wondering what the heck is going on, right?

I do appreciate the anxiety associated with dreams of this nature. In fact, it gets more disturbing if it becomes one of recurring dreams.


don’t fret yet!

We’ll be looking at some good pointers to help give you a better perspective about what’s going on.

It is important to understand that dreams can be subjective. That notwithstanding, psychologists seem to share a common notion about dreams about death.

And this is where dreams about drowning belong.

First, dreams regarding death are an indication of an end to something. This could be an end to an encounter or experience.

Real life scenario could be as a result of these:


  • Break up from a terrible relationship
  • Finally call it quits from the shackles of a tormenting boss
  • Part ways with a co-tenant you never liked

As you could imagine, these are not exciting experiences. As you continue to worry about it, the experiences might reflect in your dreams.

It’s possible to still have such dreams even when you’ve finally moved on.

I must quickly add that these are dreams and must be treated as such. In other words, consider this as a symbolic indicator of the end of the experience.

It is not to mean your death is nigh.


It affords you the chance to do self introspection and make the necessary amends to your life.

Another plausible interpretation regarding dreams about drowning has to do with the degree of your anxiety.
If you’ve been too anxious about death and related issues, you increase your chances of dreaming about it.

According to Clare Johnson of International Association for the Study of Dreams, this kind of dream can actually help one prepare for healing and death.

Although the study of psychology makes us understand that death remains one of the sources of anxiety particularly for the elderly, a lot more people ponder about on regular basis.

For instance, we try to:

  • Think about life after death
  • Wonder about when and how it’s going to happen
  • Worry about how our family and friends are going to handle it

Normal as they may seem, they have the potential to create uncertainty in our minds. This can result in recurring dreams of this nature.

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But can one actually dream about his or her own death?


Fact is, this has been a raging debate for some time now. People tend to think it does not happen. However, this is not backed by research.

People actually dream about their death.

Another school of thought concerning dreams about drowning has it that once you survive the drowning, there’s the possibility to overcome the challenge you may be going through.

This is what is termed as the ‘’emotional rebirth’’.

The interpretation?

Well, this could mean a re-invigoration and a renewed energy to soldier on.

This inspires you to endure, knowing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Naturally, we tend to go with dreams that inspire us while attempting to do away with those we don’t like. That’s just the way it is.

Based on this analysis, it’ll always be important to contextualize and understand the immediate happens at the time of the dream.

This helps to create the right connection for better understanding.

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No doubt – the potential to trigger fear exists especially when you’re having recurring dreams about drowning.

But, the discussions thus far should offer a better understanding. It should help you approach it better, devoid of unnecessary jittery and apprehension.

It’s certainly not a death warrant to have dreams about drowning.

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