Dreams that Come True in Real Life: What to Know

Ever wondered why we’re always craving for dreams that come true in our lives?

Fact is, positive and reassuring dreams are extremely important to urge us on. It motivates and pushes us to give our all, knowing that there’s hope, after all.

Be that as it may, dreams remain one of the mysteries of human existence. Various studies on it date back to ancient times.

Philosophers, prophets, seers and the like continue to attempt to crack the code for prefect interpretation of dreams.

In this piece, we’ll be looking at signals associated with dreams that come true to guide our real life situations.

Armed with the right pointers, we’ll be able to respond and turn things our way, hopefully.

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Before we dive deeper, let’s first explore some interesting perspectives on the subject matter.

Interesting facts about dreams

First off, did you know that most people experience multiple dreams in every 90 minutes of sleep?

The phenomenon also has what’s referred to as dream period. This is basically defined by Rapid Eye Motion (REM) that happens beneath closed eyelids.

Given the population of the world, you can safely assume that billions of dreams happen on daily basis.

Dreams can be both random and predictive. Generally, we tend to put much premium on portions of our dreams that come true while ignoring those that aren’t.

In fact, Jewish Mysticism maintains that dreams remain one-sixtieth of prophecy – reinforcing the predictive aspect of dreams.

And according to some ancient beliefs, dreams come in three forms: reflection of our state of mind, revelation of the deity as well as the mantic dreams (the prophetic dreams).

Now that we’ve gotten these out of the way, let’s get into the actual stuff…

Identifying dreams that come true


Don’t think it’s a mere coincidence; act!

It is true that our thoughts have something to do with the kind of dreams we have.

However, there’re many times that dreams come to fine-tune our course if we pay close attention to it. Indeed, dreams have the potential to guide us on the path of growth.

Real life situation…

A couple of years ago, I had a dream about changing my job. Fact is, I hadn’t planned to leave my previous job.

But, I’d be open for a better alternative, as most people would. The narrative was that I’d receive a job advertisement to apply. If I did, I would get the job.

In less than a week, a friend forwarded me a job ad he had picked online. I had to go revamping my CV because I hadn’t applied for a job in many years. Long story short, I did ….and I got the job.

For some people, this may be sheer coincidence but believe me; dreams that come true will always elude you if you fail to act.


Dreams that come true prepares you ahead

As indicated earlier dreams can be random and unusual of our thoughts. Apart from the good dreams we wish for ourselves, nightmares and horror dreams are a common occurrence.

That’s just how nature has it.

Dreams – good or bad, put us in a better position to embrace what’s ahead. Dreaming of winning a lottery or involving in a fatal accident puts you in a certain frame of mind.

While the former will boost your morale, the latter will help you put the appropriate measures to mitigate or completely avoid any catastrophe from occurring.

For some traditional believers in certain jurisdiction, who consider dreams as a communication from gods, such messages from dreams are even more pronounced.


It requires an open mind

If you actually believe that the universe has the power to offer what you dream of, you’d be better off doing away with doubts.

You want to be open-minded and embrace the power of the universe to manifest. Also, remember that this is one phenomenon of life that requires patience.

Dreams may not necessarily manifest in the exact way or time you had it. But, it can come in forms you may not immediately notice until after a careful deliberation.

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Additionally, some obstacles may precede the reality. It is only when you open yourself for the universe to operate would you realize the realities of dreams in your life.

Dreams that come true are extremely important for our daily lives. It helps us stay awake and guide us to avoid certain things. To realize a dream requires us to be watchful to notice what the universe has to offer.

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