How to Dream About Someone You Love

It would be a great feeling if you knew how to dream about someone you love, wouldn’t it?

It may interest you to know that, you cannot force dreams BUT you can work at tilting the odds in your favor.
By knowing what to do you’ll be increasing your chances of dreaming of that special someone.

This is backed by the theory of compensation.

It teaches us that by deeply engaging our conscious mind with something, the unconscious eventually responds with dreams.

If you agree that the mind has a lot to do with dreams, you’d want to get the skills to change the narrative.
Want to know how to dream of your crush? No worries.

Let’s explore the techniques together…


Tap into the power of affirmations

Affirmations empower us to achieve what we want through positive thinking. By practicing this, our minds are positioned to focus on our heart desires.

To use this technique to dream about someone, you’ll need to practice the right affirmations. Affirmations are highly inspiring words of positivity that fire up energy into our thinking faculty to achieve what we want.

Keep your affirmations right by you and practice them mornings and evenings at a convenient environment. Avoid self doubts and any form of negativity while doing this.

Let your affirmations be centered on the individual in question. Believe in the universe to grant you the wish to dream about him or her.


Living the dream

Second, you can learn how to dream about someone by complementing the affirmation with mental visualization. This is where you begin to simulate the dream.

You want to live the dream with the person in accordance with your expectations. Continue to occupy your brain day and night.

Remain calm but expectant to see the come to life.


Do this before you fall asleep…

This is a very important tip to adopt tonight. As you drift off to sleep, remind yourself to dream of the person.

Picture the presence of the person in your mind, mention the name and say something in the line of ‘’Jimmy, I’ll dream of you tonight’’. It sounds simple but very effective.

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Use lucid dreams to your advantage

If you’re gifted with lucid dreams, this should be a good time to use it.

If this is new to you, it simply means a dream where the dreamer appears to have control of the dream. In other words, the person becomes aware of the fact that he or she is dreaming.

You get to control the environment, characters and even the narrative during this experience.
When this happens, you could call out the name of the person, stretch your hand or even attempt to be at the person’s favorite hangout.

Remember to maintain your composure and remain resolute until the person comes through.


Be persistent

As you can see, you can actually incubate dreams.

…make no mistake, the dream won’t happen overnight.

Your willingness to maintain your focus will lead you to success. Techniques on how to dream about someone isn’t a magic wand.
It takes patience and continuous practice to see results.

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Good dreams motivate and put our mind at peace – more so someone you dearly admire. Use these ideas to make it happen.

Which of the tips on how to dream of your crush are you willing to apply tonight? Let’s hear from you in the comments box below.

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