How to Memorize a Speech Fast

I can imagine you’re dying to learn how to memorize a speech with impressive accuracy.

No doubt, speech delivery scares many people to bits.
Others just take it really cool. Obviously, there’s a better way to master the art.

And this post is going to reveal how to memorize lines of your speech with tact. Taking time to gain mastery of speech memorization will help you to:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Flow smoothly without referring to your notes every now and then
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience
  • Demonstrate your preparedness

The goal here is to arm you with the skills to memorize effectively to ultimately enhance the quality of your delivery.

Let’s get started…


Write down the speech

Our first tip for learning how to memorize a speech is to first write it down.

When you do this, it helps to properly fine-tune the speech. You’ll be able to include your target terms and points that you need to impress your audience.

In fact, studies show that we are able to subconsciously remember things by 20% just by writing. If you want to avoid jumbled up speech this is where to start from.

Don’t imagine it in your mind; write it down to prepare the grounds for proper memorization to take place.


Note the key points properly

Every speech has salient points that easily connect the pieces together. Once you identify them, that’ll serve as the foundation for easy memorization.

And there’s no better way to do this than the use of images.
All that you’ll need is to visualize the essential points by connecting them with the right images. Scary, exaggerated or funny images work better.

For instance, you can remember a paragraph about John’s shoes by creating the right association in your mind.
Imagine John wearing a shoe, the size of a television set.

Do same for other points of the speech in a sequential order and create the right associations to aid you to remember.
That’s how to memorize lines of a speech with ease.


Exploit the good ol’ chunking

This is one of the best known memorization techniques to learn.

It is a process of breaking down information into smaller parts.


A lot of studies support the notion that we learn effectively when we break the materials into smaller, easily digestible units.
Particularly for a speech, chunking could include the intro, different points in the body as well as the aspect about the conclusion.

Try this and you’ll realize the material becomes easier to memorize than attempting to commit everything into memory at one go.

Do you break your telephone numbers into three and four digits?
That’s chunking in action

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Know when to practice

You need to identify the best time of the day to practice memorizing a speech.

This could be early in the morning or late at night. By identifying the right time, you’ll in effect, eliminate unnecessary obstructions and inconveniences. The brain prepares itself to accommodate the material much better.

Also don’t wait till it’s too late to prepare. Get the material ahead of time to enhance effective memorization. You risk doing poorly if you rush through because of time. Avoid it.


Practice, Practice, Practice

You can’t conclude a discussion on how to memorize a speech without the crucial bit about practice. This may sound more of a common knowledge but believe me; people do it less than required.

It is only when you practice AND measure your performance that you can build your confidence.
And there’re a couple of ways to do this:

  • You could deliver the speech to a third party for assessment and feedback
  • You could also record yourself while delivering

The thing is, the frequency of practice isn’t the issue because different people learn differently. Some are fast learners; others aren’t. It’s about how well you grasp the material.
Your performance will determine the quality of your practice.

Before we end, you may also be interested in the Memory Professor system if you want a sharper memory to achieve more.


We just looked at some of the best tips on how to memorize a speech. As in many things in life, taking action is the only way to expect results. If an idea here isn’t familiar to you, don’t worry. It takes a bit of practice to learn any new skill.

Feel free to apply them if you were looking for how to memorize lines of poems and other similar materials.

All the best!

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