How to Memorize Things Fast

How much of an impact would it make if you knew how to memorize things fast?

Smart memorization skills are the envy of many.

I’m sure you’ve heard time and again that people are inherently born with such skills. I’m not in any way going to debate that in this post.

What I do know for sure (and want you to do too) is that with the right memorization techniques at your disposal, you can do magic.

Not only would you be able to memorize with speed, you’ll also be able to commit so much more into memory than you ever thought.

So, if you’ve ever yearned for this, it’s time to believe in yourself. You’re going to move from a wishful thinking phase to living it – memorize things fast.

Whether you want to learn a new language, study for an exam, memorize names, you’re covered.

Understanding how the brain works

A good understanding of how the brain works to retain information gives us a good leap.

Unlike a bucket that overflows when water exceeds its limit, the brain is designed to receive as much information as we want.

However, the information vanishes when we fail to process it. In other words, we soon forget information that comes our way.

When we fail to act on the information, we lose establishing connections between our brain neurons. By the same means, we fail to add melanin to it.

This leads to a decrease in the speed at which our impulses travel to keep information.

To increase memorization, we’ll need to strengthen our pathway.

One of the best known tricks for retaining information is through repetitive use. It does appear that repetition is a common knowledge to many people. However, the problem is the effective use of that memorization strategy.

For instance, instead of repeatedly AND deliberately memorizing information, people tend to do it just about a day and expect it to stick.

To really push it to the long-term memory, you’ll need to repeat the information daily for a given period of time.

And there’re many more ways!

Before that, you may want to check out the Black Belt Memory program. It’s developed by a 2 time USA memory champion. And it’s full of little known tricks and strategies to memorize faster and better.

So, let’s explore them…


Recording the information

Learning how to memorize things fast definitely can’t go without this idea.

Driving to work, sitting in the train or waiting at the bus stop,
you can easily be keeping yourself busy listening to it.

Just like we unconsciously learn to sing our favorite music without necessarily spending time to learn the lyrics, recording information this way really help.

Of course, this won’t be ideal for all type of information so let’s move on…


Teaching it

If you can teach what you’ve learned to an appreciable understanding of another person, that’ll be a good indicator of your progress.

It’ll test your understanding while helping you process and memorize faster. It also helps to identify your shortfalls in order to do the necessary corrections.

Research shows that we retain as much as 90% of information if we teach others.
Don’t have anyone to teach? Teach yourself! It’s that simple.


Good sleep, good exercise, good nutrition

Make no mistake; these are extremely important ingredients to boost your memorization effort.

By getting enough sleep, undertaking exercise and eating nutritiously, you’ll be nourishing your brain for fast and effective learning to take place.

Also, remember to take in good amount of water to supplement it.


The use of reminders

Reminders are good at keeping us in check when we’re trying to memorize things.

Personally, I like to use simple things like sticky notes for keeping important definitions, terminologies and summaries all over my room to remind me.

In order not to inundate yourself, just keep the difficult-to-memorize things.

Today, there’re many apps you can install on your phone to remind you periodically.


Establishing good connections

Try connecting new information to your existing knowledge to facilitate your ability to memorize fast.

What’s the character of your favorite lecturer, friend or pet?
Make sure the object is quite relevant.


Take a break

Memorization techniques don’t require you to overstretch yourself.

Instead, taking time off for a walk, surf the internet or visiting the poolside or anything pleasurable helps to refresh the mind for easy recall.

Note however that, watching television or playing video games right after tends to impede the brain’s ability to transfer new information from the short-term to the long-term memory as it starts to work on visual and auditory impulses.

Staying away for some 30 minutes or better is generally recommended.

That’s it, folks!

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Hopefully, you now know how to memorize things fast by these tips. Always remember that this isn’t going to come without taking the necessary action.

Make the effort to practice fervently if you really want to gain mastery of memorization. It’ll make you a better learner by sharpening your mind. Have fun!

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