How to Sleep When Someone is Snoring

I bet you really want to know how to sleep when someone is snoring. Awesome!

I admit, snoring can mess up a rather good night seep.

The person fires his sleeping to fifth gear, releases rumbling noise, arouses your nerves to keep you awake for the best part of the night.

Snoring occurs when the tissues in the back of our throat vibrate due to the flow of air
as we breathe. The sound can come through the nose, mouth or both.

A staggering 37 million Americans snore on frequent basis. It’s such a common phenomenon, denying many of a good sleep. The effect is on your energy the next day and overall health.

It’s definitely not a great experience.


No worries!

You’re just about to discover how to sleep when someone is snoring with some cool tricks in this post.
(Plus, we’ll look at a common knowledge which tends to be a poor solution to the problem – which you shouldn’t rely on.)

Just come along …

Before we look at the tips and tricks, let’s spend a moment to touch on…
the causes of snoring in the first place.

Fact is, there isn’t only one cause. A myriad of factors could lead to the condition. Notable among them are:


Alcohol intake

If you take in alcohol, you’ll notice that your jaw and throat muscles relax. This is due to the sedative effect of alcohol. This leads to a difficulty in the flow of air because of the muscle blockage, resulting in snoring.


Being overweight

Being overweight poses many health risks. That’s a common knowledge. And your weight surely has a thing to do with your snoring condition.

This is because tissues around your neck and throat increase when you’re overweight. Also it leads to poor muscle tone, which is the muscle’s way of resisting passive stretch during rest, resulting in snoring.


Nasal airwaves blockage

This seems quite obvious.

When we’re suffering from conditions such as, cold, sinus infections, breathing becomes difficult. In the process, we end up breathing through the mouth to snore our way out.


Old age

Aging also increases our chances of snoring. It so happens because our throat muscles as well as the tongue become more relaxed as we age.

In effect, snoring occurs due to a vibration on the inhale.

There’re many more causes, obviously. But let’s spare that for another day.

At this point…

We can now learn how to sleep when someone is snoring with these tried and tested ideas:

Just before that however, let’s see the unreliable solution – as hinted earlier:

Nudging… You definitely may be doing this already – touching, pushing or shaking the snorer. But, have you noticed that doing this works only temporarily?


The snoring returns in a matter of minutes. Would you stay all night doing this? Obviously not.

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So, let’s look at better tips on…

…how to sleep when someone is snoring


Admitting the problem

Do you know that many people deny their snoring problem?
After all, they don’t personally witness it.

And if he or she isn’t ready to admit it and appreciate the inconvenience it’s causing for you, then there’s very little you can do to remedy the situation. Provide the evidence if such denial exists.

That’s where it starts from.


Get him or her an extra pillow

This cool lil’ trick may have escaped you but it works. Pilling up pillows elevates the head to reduce the chances of snoring as airflow becomes easy.


Avoid the supine position

Research shows that many snorers sleep on their back (lying face upwards). This does not only enhances the frequency but also worsens the situation.

It’s just a simple matter of getting the person in question to sleep on the side. This little shift could be all that you need for your peace of mind.


Identify the cause and fix it

As highlighted earlier, there are various underlining causes of snoring. Different causes for different people.

What is your partner’s?

Could it be an issue with body weight, alcohol, hard drugs or other health condition? Remember that knowing the cause of a problem is half the solution. Note it and tackle it right away.


Go to bed earlier

This is simply straightforward. If you’re able to get to bed earlier and fall asleep some minutes ahead of him, you’ll be gone in peace.

Changing your sleeping time may sound difficult initially but it’s doable with consistency over time.


Try the pillar procedure

You may want to encourage the snorer to consider the pillar procedure. It is a minor surgery that involves inserting a plastic implant into the soft palate to stop snoring.

This procedure actually helps in obstructive sleep apnea.


Consider sleeping separately

If necessary, break the social norm. Sleep in a different room especially if it’s posing dire consequences on your health. It’s that simple.

For quick and safe solution on snoring and sleep apnea in general, this program will be your best bet. It’s loaded with simple throat exercises that you can apply right away. Whether your condition is chronic, you’re young or old, you’re good to go on this.

Check it out here.


I believe you’ve picked one or two ideas on how to sleep when someone is snoring. Different solution will work for different people. Consider your peculiar situation and correct them accordingly.

Never undermine the effect of sleep on your health and productivity.

Take the action now.

Got a question or contribution? Feel free to share your experience with the rest of the world at the comments box below here.

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  1. Snoring can be such a mess. I’ve learned a couple of things from this post. It’s time to apply them. Will let you know how it goes. Good article.

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