How to Sleep with Your Eyes Open

Want to know how to sleep with your eyes open right?
We’ll be exploring the best ways to do just that – in a jiffy.

Question is, did you know many people aren’t aware of this phenomenon?
Yes, because the concept seems to defile known sleeping norms.

In fact, the National Sleep Foundation puts the frequency at 20%. And not many people even know they have the condition.

But, it actually exists. It’s called nocturnal lagophthalmos!

Mouthful, isn’t it? Hmm.

The term is one of the many sleep disorders.

It is when a person sleeps while the eyes remain open. It’s actually normal if this happens briefly once in a while. However, if it becomes a continuous thing, you may have to seek medical attention.

I believe you’re itching to learn how to sleep with your eyes open with the ideas we have for you. But, let’s touch on some of the underlining causes first.

Notable causes of sleep with eyes open

First sleep with eyes open occurs when the facial nerves have issues. This is what helps us to blink our eyes when we’re awake. It also helps us to close our eyes during sleep.

Important as it is, it can get damaged. In effect, the eyes don’t get closed even when sleep has taken place.

Second, certain medical procedures require the removal of eyelid tissues. When this is overdone, it results in the eyes’ inability to close completely during sleep.

A typical example of such situation is a botched cosmetic surgery for aesthetic purposes.

Third, stroke is one of the unfortunate medical conditions that affects nerve health. In a condition like that the ability of the facial nerves to close the eyes properly during sleep can reduce quite significantly.

Fourth, diseases usually referred to as autoimmune could account for the eye-open sleep condition. Diseases and infections that fall into this category include Guillain-Barre syndrome, chicken pox, Lyme disease among others.

As indicated earlier, when the condition persists, in the face of any of the conditions above, you definitely have to take action.


Well, there’s a reason our eyes close when we sleep.
Closing the eyes helps to maintain the eye’s moisture, protect it from external objects for a good eye health.

If this isn’t happening, it could lead to:

  • Dryness in the eye
  • Obstructions to sleep as flashes of light passes through
  • Poor sleep
  • Infections to the eye

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Seeking the help of an ophthalmologist can help understand what’s going on. Medical-grade tape or moisturizing goggles may be recommended upon investigation. The right professional will also help you know how to sleep properly.

Knowing how to sleep properly is important even when you intentionally want to sleep with your eyes open.

But why would you want to know how to sleep with your eyes open in the first place?

Well, it turns out there’re some interesting reasons that you may not have cast your mind to.

Check this out…

If you’re in a position where you want to hide your sleepy mood, you may want to adopt this strategy to conceal your intention.

A typical instance could be in a meeting or during a long lecture.

Normally, this won’t come by magic. You need to work at it.

Here’s how to sleep with your eyes open


Calm your mind

To drift into sleep, be at ease with yourself. Relax the mind and avoid bodily movement for a while.


Maintain a balanced sitting position

Relax in your seat; make sure you are well balanced to avoid cornering into one side.


Focus on an object

Putting yourself in a trance also helps to keep your concentration intact.
In doing this, don’t be jittery and make sure the object of focus is not obstructive.

This will gradually usher you into sleep as you continue to gauge your eye at the stationary object.

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Knowing how to sleep with your eyes open requires some practice, obviously.

Don’t expect to gain mastery of this overnight. Instead, keep practicing until it becomes easy to pull it off whenever you want.

You should also understand when to use this practice without it getting in the way of your eye health. And don’t forget to seek medical assistance when the issues listed above exist.

Good luck!

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