Is Sleep Paralysis Spiritual? Find Out!

Is sleep paralysis spiritual?

Good question.

If you’ve been searching around for a good read on this topic, you’re welcome. It’s always good to attach seriousness to sleep and mental health.

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Once a while, this phenomenon occurs to us in our sleep.

It usually goes like you:

  • Want to wake up but unable to
  • Feel the presence of a strange being in the room
  • Seem to be conscious of what’s going on around you
  • Become scared, feel like screaming or taking action but…
  • Are just unable; all your body parts become immovable

The condition is referred to in medical circles as sleep paralysis. As the name suggests, you get paralyzed, momentarily in the process, making it difficult to act.

This is usually a terrifying experience for most people.

Thankfully, we’ll discuss some salient sleep and mental health issues in this piece.

Useful studies on sleep paralysis

Research indicates that sleep paralysis is more likely to occur among young adults. While some experience it for a few moments, the situation can go several minutes or even hours for others.

Again, it happens more often at the time of entering into sleep or coming out of it.

People experience different disturbing things including attack on their lives and or a chocking sensation.

As you would imagine, this phenomenon has received a lot of interpretations over the years. While some attribute it to spiritual forces, others perceive it as one of the issues associated with sleep and mental health problem.

What causes sleep paralysis?

A number of studies and theories in an attempt to explain the underlying causes of sleep paralysis. However, it’s worth pointing out that there hasn’t been a conclusive research yet.

We can only rely on some useful works conducted on the topic.

Back to the question: is sleep paralysis spiritual?

Many studies conducted along the lines of spirituality proffers some explanations into the subject matter.

For instance, it is believed that ghost, demons and other such forces cause these to happen. In fact, things like hallucination, as posited by psychologists are ruled out in the spiritual angle of the explanation.

It is also believed that religious people, who constantly seek the face of God reduce the likelihood of experiencing this phenomenon.

They get spiritual protection from their maker. The opposite holds true for those who don’t do same.

Again, a case is made for young adults who experience this sleep condition quite often. The incessant desires of material wealth among this age group make them a good prey.

This is contrary to kids and the elderly with little to no such desires.

Also, sleep paralysis happens while we sleep on our back for a reason. In such a position, spiritual energy is reduced, hence the lack of flow to our entire body system with energy.

In the process, the body becomes immobilized and non-functional to fight off the phenomenon.

By lying in a supine position, it also becomes easy for the spiritual force to pin the body down, take over your intellect or entangle the body altogether.

All these will not only scare you but also render you incapacitated for the period.

It’s also important to note that there’ll usually be a reason why ghosts and other forces can operate this way. Of course, that’s why some people barely experience it while for others, it’s such frequent.

Among some of the reasons include the attack or test of God’s seekers, revenge for some wrongs committed or attacks for no apparent reason.

Remedies for spiritual paralysis

Now that we’ve gotten some background information and associated causes, we can look at ways that can be used to either reduce or stop the occurrence of this sleep condition.

I must be quick to add that because this is a spiritual phenomenon, faith, beliefs and values have a lot to do with the approach you adopt.


Seeking God’s intervention

As noted earlier, if you aren’t a committed seeker of God, you may have to work on it. The more closely you are to Him, the better protection you get from these attacks.

You’ll need to speak to God in a way prescribed by your faith and ask for His protection.

It does not end there.

You must also demonstrate faith and trust in God to see the impact. Always remind yourself to call on God whenever this attack happens.

More often than not, things get better once you muster the courage to call the name of God.


Talk to yourself before you sleep

Remind yourself that nothing can overcome you.
Be honestly confident in whispering this to yourself right before you sleep.

This will make you more alert and responsive to act swiftly. It may sound simple but actually works.


Fix a symbol of God or your faith on the wall

The mere presence of a picture or painting or any object that symbolizes you faith can go a long way to provide the psychological urge to ward off these attacks.


Condition your mind

Tune your mind to assume that your room is fully fortified in a way that makes it impossible for intruders of all forms to come in.


Consider sleeping with someone else

If someone sleeps by you, he or she simple has to shake you to gain consciousness. This helps to reconnect the spiritual energy that is broken during the paralysis.

I’m sure the question ‘’is sleep paralysis spiritual?’’ still lingers on in your mind. But let’s check out what modern science has to say about the condition.

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What the study of psychology has to say about sleep paralysis

In essence, the paralysis occurs as a result of a response for perceived threats.

This happens after a part of the brain has scanned the nearby environment for dangers. Even when no such threats exist, it triggers some degree of fear.

This is akin to the paranoia condition.

Sleep paralysis happens when we temporarily disturbs our sleeping and waking.

Generally, modern scholars in the field attribute it to things such as:

  • stress
  • people suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • underlining health conditions
  • sleep deprivations

Revisiting our question: is sleep paralysis spiritual?

Well, it largely depends on your faith and belief system. Sleep has so much to do with our mind and thinking faculty.

We do know that science alone does not shape our existence but our spiritual being as well. And both have the potential to improve or disturb our sleep and mental health.

I know the science bit is of much interest to many. However, it does not always make the cut.

For that reason, you’ll be better off giving your attention to the spiritual aspect to see what’s going on.

From our discussion so far, you should appreciate that mental health and spirituality could lead to sleep paralysis.

Did scientific mental therapy fail? Why not go the spiritual way?

Don’t despise one in favor of the other.

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All the very best!

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