Physical Manifestation Meaning – Manifesting your Desires

If you’ve been trying to figure out what physical manifestation is all about, I’ve got good news for you. We’re going to explore the meaning of the term in the most practical and digestible ways.

And the best part?

We’ll also dive into the steps for manifesting your desires so you’re not just learning about it but actually using it to your advantage.

What is physical manifestation?

Well, to start with, it’s a form of conscious awakening that the human being has that natural power to achieve things in life using our thoughts.

Look at it this way…

  • Imagine being able to win the heart of that special someone
  • Looking to ace an exam or achieve some academic success
  • Landing your dream job

These are but a few examples of what we can achieve from the universe.
For a moment, you might want to think that your thoughts alone can’t make this happen.

That’s fine.

However, everything can actually come into reality with the right practice and guidance using our mind.

The concept actually stems from the law of attraction which underscores the fact that we’ve got the ability to achieve what we want if we focus our thoughts on it. And there’re appropriate ways to approach it to make our desires see the light of day.

Apart from practice, patience is of the essence. Impatience remains one of the stumbling blocs for many who fail to realize their wishes.

Why your thoughts are extremely crucial in the process

If you’ve had a stint with the subject of Psychology, one of the things you would come across has to do with the workings of the brain.

It’s home to countless number of neurons that are constantly helping us react and commit into memory things around us.

In understanding manifestation, we can’t lose sight of the significance of the physical object. We see and feel things around us: books, PCs, buildings etc.

They give us material images.

They’re also in a form of movement as energy particles. It is this energy that forms the physical object we can see.

The role of the universe in physical manifestation

As humans as we are, we tend to peg timelines to our wishes, a reason for which this concept becomes somewhat unpredictable.

We expect to achieve something at a given time. By our calculation if the expected time elapses without achieving what we want, the universe has failed us.

In fact, it is the belief of some proponents that the associated delays are a test of our patience by the universe. The mistake in this thinking, obviously, is that, people forget to appreciate that the universe is timeless.

What this means is that our calculation of time, which we heavily rely on, isn’t the reality with the universe. In actuality, the things we’re looking for has already happened or perpetually happening.

And our inability to realize it is influenced by our calculation of time and perception of reality. By the very reason that it’s almost impossible to eliminate the time element in this discourse as humans, it is only reasonable not to consider the concept as an event.

Instead, the process can span over a given period.

What is important is our preparedness to create the right environment for communication to exist between the universe and us.

And this brings us to the next important part of this discussion: spotting manifestations

Ways to identify manifestations

It is important to note that if you’re not really careful, you might not even notice the occurrence of manifestation.

The thing is, it can come in different forms. Say you’re expecting healing from an ailment. Ordinarily, you might want it to vanish overnight. (And this can happen but not always, realistically).

  • If someone gifts you an amount of money enough to foot your medical bills, that might be a way to have your wishes manifest.
  • How about receiving helpful food supplement when you least expected it? I guess you get the drift.

Tips for manifesting your desires

At this point, we’ll need to look at some essential practices required for making our desires come to pass.

It is important to note that the practices here will largely depend on the individual in question. You’d admit that our very existence is defined by various factors, including, belief systems, individual perseverance and even our ego.


Believing in the universe

The first thing is, believing that your desires already exist in the universe and you can actually receive it by focusing your thoughts on it is the first important step.

I’d admit, it can be tempting to expect the result in a moment of flash. (If it ever happens like that, good luck!).
But, note that it won’t always be the case. This is not magic or telepathy.

As indicated earlier, you may not even get the exact same thing you expected. However, what you receive will serve as the springboard upon which bigger things would come your way. Apart from believing and having the patience, a great deal of gratitude is equally important.

An attempt to underrate the gifts of the universe, however little, could undermine your horizon to create the synergy between you and the universe. In effect, you lose more good things.


Forgoing your beliefs

Another thing worth mentioning has to do with forgoing certain belief systems and unlearning things that impede our ability to receive what we want.

Say you’re from a family where no one has ever gone past college level education but you’ve got hopes of making it to PhD. The mere thought of this can be off-putting. Instead, you’ll need to free up your mind and letting the universe take charge.

Creating the environment that is reinforced by a positive mindset is fundamental to this exercise.

The thing is, doing away these ingrained beliefs and thought patterns require skills. If you don’t possess this, don’t despair. You can resort to counseling, life coaching and similar programs to do the trick.


Embracing other realities

The last but certainly not the least useful thing for manifesting your desires has to do with embracing other realities of life. We tend to dwell so much about the past and future, forgetting that our experiences of these periods go to influence our interaction with the universe.

Admittedly, the experiences of time will continue to exist.

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However, it is your ability to prevent these experiences from taking a toll on your thinking process will go a long way to make you achieve the treasures of the universe.

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Hopefully, you’ve gotten an idea about the concept of physical manifestation. More importantly, you’ve gotten some tips for manifesting your desires.

It’s worthy of note that the universe can certainly offer us what we want in life. It is about constantly maintaining a focused thought on something over a period of time.

But, as we’ve indicated above, certain conditions have to be met for this to happen. It takes practice and a conscious effort to make this happen.

We cannot swim against the tide and expect things to be smooth. Physical manifestation of our wishes is never an overnight activity.

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