41 Positive Affirmations for Men to Apply Today

Looking for powerful positive affirmations for men to pump some energy into your life?


Pretty soon we’ll be checking out some of the most inspiring affirmations in this post.

Why are affirmations for men necessary?


It’s common knowledge that men by nature are less emotional to situations. Yet, they grapple within.

Stresses of life, love issues, work related problems among a myriad others are but a few examples.


Studies have shown that we’re more likely to achieve success or make progress in life when we occupy our mind with positive stuff. (The essence of the Laws of Attraction)

This helps to eschew negativity, which is usually a stumbling block to our progress.

And the good thing is, you don’t need any special skills to practice this. Thankfully, our compilations are highly relevant and uplifting to get you going.

So if you’re facing difficulties as a man, note that positive affirmations for men might be all that you need.

Done right, you’ll be able to:

  • Pick yourself up
  • Gain enormous confidence
  • See progress
  • See a general sense of happiness and peace
  • Reconnect with your inner self
  • Achieve different things in life

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Note also that these encouraging words for men will make impact if:


It’s done repeatedly

You want to constantly remind yourself of these affirmations to whip up the needed positive vibe.

Place them at an easily accessible place. This could be right by your bed side to serve as a constant reminder.


You’re ready to expect results in different forms

It’s important to manage your expectations.



…the results can come in different forms – directly and indirectly.

Say you’ve always wanted to establish your own business. While struggling to put your acts together, a job opportunity surfaces. It could be an opportune time to hone in some skills for future use.


Avoid destruction

While practicing these encouraging words for men in your life, try to do away with all forms of destructive elements.

That’s the only way to remain in a focused and solemn mood for the universe to take charge.

Things like notifications from the internet, phone calls and intruders don’t help.

Also, it works better to practice this in the morning.


We can now check out the following positive affirmations for men:

  • I am a man, born brave
  • I win!
  • I don’t surrender to situations
  • My decisions are positive and rewarding
  • I see a brighter future
  • I am strong and unbreakable
  • I look up to the universe to take charge of my life
  • Today will be full of new opportunities
  • I am energized than never before
  • I see love all around me
  • I don’t let my masculinity suppress others
  • I don’t lack anything
  • I believe in my abilities
  • My day is as bright as the sunshine
  • I cannot give up until success comes my way
  • I see wonderful transformation in my body, soul and spirit
  • The struggles of yesterday are past and gone
  • I am in high spirit today
  • Beautiful things of the universe are my portion
  • I am forever grateful
  • I feel safe and protected
  • I have good health and prosperity
  • I am fearless and confident
  • I am at peace with myself and calm
  • I have  potential to achieve great things
  • I am moving forward with vim and vigor
  • What a perfect day will today be for me
  • I look forward to a beautiful adventure today
  • Negativity has no place in my mind
  • I woke up today beaming with smiles and confidence
  • I take life one step at a time
  • My life is an inspiration to others
  • Nothing can stop me from realizing my dreams
  • Every day is a positive day for me
  • I have the power to overcome all challenges that may come my way
  • I rise against temptations of all forms
  • My wishes will be fulfilled today
  • I am measured in my emotions
  • In every challenge I see tremendous opportunities
  • I am optimistic of my ideas
  • My heart desires keep manifesting each day

There you have it.

If you really want to take affirmations to the next level, fee free to check out the Mindzoom Affirmations program now.
Who wouldn’t want to turn things around in life?

You’ve got what it takes!

These encouraging words for men will give you an urge. Never undermine the power of words.

Things can really happen if we feed our mind with the right food. Interestingly, there’s virtually no limit on what you can do with this powerful mind tool.

Just put these positive affirmations for men to test to experience the good things you dream of. All the best!

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