45 Positive Affirmations in the Morning for a Great Day!

You’re just about to gather some great positive affirmations in the morning to energize your entire day.

The search for positive morning affirmations continues to increase as many more people continue to reap its true power and influence.

Whether you’re looking for favor, love or achieve something spectacular, affirmations could be all that you need.

Btw, is the concept new to you?
It simply stems from a belief that we’ve got the power to achieve the treasures of life by occupying our minds with positive thoughts.
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So, if you’re not using it, you must be missing out.


Because by practicing these positive affirmations in the morning, they’ll help:

  • Instill in you self-confidence to face the day
  • Strengthen you to overcome obstacles
  • Offer reassurance and hope
  • Find success

So without wasting any more time, here’re some carefully crafted and inspiring positive morning affirmations to make your day awesome.

  • Favor is leading my course today
  • My morning is peaceful, happy and healthy
  • I unlock my full potentials today
  • My confidence is beyond measure
  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals
  • I don’t let yesterday’s struggles affect me. I forge ahead with a renewed strength
  • I keep an inspiring company; not saboteurs
  • I look forward to glad tidings
  • I’m loved, motivated and energized for today’s treasures
  • I have the power to achieve anything I want in life
  • l have a life-changing experience today
  • My best is yet to come
  • The sky is the beginning for me
  • I have awesome ideas to make life better for humanity
  • I achieve success beyond my expectations
  • I’m born to succeed and conquer
  • Challenges are only a test of my strength; I’ll overcome
  • I’m never discouraged by difficulties
  • I take smart decisions that bring results
  • My life is an inspiration to others today
  • l look forward to a glowing glory today
  • I demonstrate love for others
  • I am upbeat about my prospects
  • I take life-transforming decisions
  • I am an achiever
  • I’m surrounded by lovers; not haters
  • I fully embrace the joy, fun and peace of today
  • I’m optimistic of my dreams
  • Even if I slip, I never fall
  • I keep my head high, knowing all is well with me
  • I take life calmly and coolly
  • I’m at peace with myself
  • I don’t harbor hatred in my heart
  • I’m inspired by the good things ahead of me
  • I attract the right people to my space today
  • I make the best use of my resources
  • I wholeheartedly welcome money, love and gold into my life
  • All closed doors are open today
  • I trust and believe my decisions
  • I see opportunities all around me
  • I go for gold
  • I don’t lack anything
  • I am happy with what the blessings of the universe
  • I believe in my dreams
  • I appreciate the love I get from others

Getting the best out of positive morning affirmations

Like most things in life, the approach you adopt will determine your level of success.

Here are some of the best practices when observing positive affirmations in the morning:

Being consistent

For the best results, make sure to practice your affirmations on a consistent and timely manner. When it comes to the universe, focus, attention and regular practice are key ingredients for success.

If you’re now starting out, you might battle with it.

That’s okay.

But, endeavor to pick yourself up, endure and be motivated by your expectations to keep you going.

When you finally get a hang of it, everything will be easy peasy especially when you start seeing results.

It’s best in the mornings

Time is of the essence when it comes to practices of this kind. Don’t forget we’re talking about morning affirmations.

The thing is, doing this right after waking up puts you in the right frame of mind to start your day on a positive note. Starting fresh also has the potential to transcend the vigor to the rest of the day.


Beginners are usually quick to expect things to happen overnight. That’s only a recipe for disappointment.

Just remain calm, practice it on daily basis and allow it to manifest in your life. Believe in the concept because it works.


The hassles of life are many and don’t seem to go away by magic. If it were, there’ll be peace, love, joy, prosperity everywhere.

However, by observing these positive affirmations in the morning, you’ll be tilting the odds in your favor.

You’ll be pumping fresh breath of life and energy to face life with tact, peace and confidence.

Just before you leave don’t forget to check out the Mindzoom Affirmations program.

Good luck and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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  1. I think it’s time to start using affirmations in my life. I’ve been hearing of it recently. Do you think I should do this together with my partner? Was just wondering.

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