Using Rote Memorization Techniques for Script Memorization

You’ve been thinking of using the good ol’ rote memorization technique for script memorization, right? And I guess you’ve been wondering if it’ll do the trick.


Well, this learning technique has received a lot of criticism among educationists in recent years. Its efficacy has been questioned in many fronts.

But has it lost its relevance entirely?

Hell no!

Thankfully we’re going to explore its usefulness in this post.

Just sit back and read on…

First, rote memorization has been with us for centuries.

It is a style of learning based on repetition.

Back in time, a teacher would lead us to read a passage and demand of us to memorize it. He would invite, anyone among the class to recall the passage while on standby to correct any mistake.

Sounds familiar? Yup!

The criticisms of the rote memorization technique

Before we look at how to use this technique for script memorization, let’s spend a moment on the some of the notable downsides of this learning approach.


Lack of understanding

One of the main criticisms against this way of learning is the inefficiency of the learner actually understanding the material.

It pretty much reduces the entire process to a memorization exercise. In the end, the most important thing, the comprehension bit, heavily suffers.


Learners find it boring 

Imagine having to stay on, repeating something several times in an attempt to commit it into memory. This is what school kids are subjected to when we adopt this style of learning.

To some teachers, the child’s inability to remember what’s being committed is a sign of academic weakness. In fact, some parents even consider this style as ‘’child abuse. ‘’


Limits the learners innovative abilities

When we use this learning method, we somewhat limit the child’s ability to explore different approaches for understanding concepts.

Different people learn differently. Subjecting him or her to one approach kills the innovative ability.


Impedes brain development

Studies show that rote memorization techniques impact the brain development of a child. Particularly with the hippocampus, which is responsible for our memory, it takes additional responsibility of the pre-frontal parietal cortex as the child begins to face more complex learning tasks.

The pre-frontal parietal cortex is the area of the brain in charge of higher order learning. At this point the mere repetition of things won’t suffice.

Essentially, what this means is that rote learning has a limit, especially for the basics or what’s best referred to as the foundational knowledge.

The picture may not be all gloomy after all, right?

But what are the alternatives today?

Like every human institution, there’s bound to be improvement, or evolution, if you like.
And this is why scholars in the field keep developing alternatives.

Among some of the modern learning approaches include:

  • Active learning: learning where the teacher ensures that the student plays active part in the process
  • Associative learning: learning by forming association between two events
  • Meaningful learning: learning that emphasizes understanding in relation to other knowledge
  • Evidence-based learning: Accelerated learning using scientifically designed studies

Need a cutting-edge learning strategy for more complex materials? See the 5 Minutes Learning Machine now. You’ll learn a ton of ways to improve your learning in no time.

With these out of the way, we can now dive into…

Where rote memorization comes in handy

As hinted earlier, this style of learning is certainly ideal for learning materials that do not necessarily require any form of intuitive interpretations.

They are straightforward facts.

And that is why script memorization is done best with this learning method.
As you’d agree, scripts don’t require any special understanding. Your interest is simply to be able to remember the material – and nothing else!

Other examples include the memorization of the:

  • Periodic table in Chemistry
  • Names of cities and countries
  • Multiplication table
  • Poems
  • Formulae
  • Area codes
  • Telephone numbers

Improvement in brain health for the elderly

Rote learning has shown some significant benefits for the elderly too.

For instance, intensive rote learning helps verbal recall among seniors. And this works better when long period of rest follows.

A research conducted by the University College Dublin in Ireland’s School of Medicine and Medical Science back in 2006 supports this.

Getting the best of this memorization technique

Like most things in life, there’ll always be good and bad ways of approaching things.

The following ideas should guide you to make the best use of this learning approach so you don’t waste your precious time:


Spaced repetition

The worst you can ever do is to try to consume the material at one go. This leads to boredom and unnecessary tiredness.
You won’t see results by doing this as it even leads to low morale.

Instead, you want to space out the process. Even if you allot 30 minutes a day, find the appropriate time to do just that AND remain consistent!


Start early

Script memorization at dire minute won’t do the magic. That’s called cramming. This usually arises when you fail to plan ahead.

In fact, waiting until the last minute could lead to anxiety. This can easily frustrate the entire process. Avoid it.


Memorize under congenial atmosphere

Apart from the bit about timing, you want to identify a convenient place to undertake this exercise. You want to avoid destruction in all forms.

  • Could the kids be a problem?
  • How about phone calls coming in randomly?

Find a way to curb these impediments before they get in your way.


Test yourself

To be double sure of your progress, make time to test what you’ve consumed. Do this on a regular basis until you’re confident of not missing out on anything.
You may even need to engage a third party to put you to test. It does help.

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Whether you’re working on a movie script, drama or any such material, rote memorization is still very useful. There’s no doubt about it.

As we’ve seen, this system may not work for subjects of enormous complexity. But, with scripts and other simple learning stuff as indicated above, we’re just good to go.

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